SIA training

SIA Training

Security Industry Association  Training is very important for any private security agency. Properly trained employees is a must if you want to maintain satisfaction among clients and secure new clients. There are several certifications that are required to work in different fields of security.


Getting the certifications that are required will insure a professional work force! The Private Security Act of 2001 was passed so that a unified regulatory standard was available through out the UK to provide private security companies with guidelines.


At one time the private security industry was largely an industry that did not have many responsibilities but as the industry grew so did the need for requirements to regulate the industry. With private security firms taking on more responsibilities and having more contact with the general public it was clear that regulations were necessary.


The regulations have proven effective not only in improving industry standards but by reducing criminality and improving the public’s perception of the industry. The private security sector is now a professional sector.


Many of those guidelines are geared toward proper certification before licensing.


SIA Responsibilities

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) is the agency that oversees private security firms. As an independent agency responsible to report directly to the Home Secretary regarding private security firm matters, the SIA takes the responsibility of making sure that the proper certifications are had very seriously.

SIA licensing requirements are very stringent and require evidence of the proper SIA Training and certification of that training must be presented as part of your application. The main goal of the SIA is to improve the work force in the private security field so that it elevates the perception of the field by the general public.


Getting the Training

If you are interested in getting your SIA license the first step in the process is to get the proper training from an accredited course. There are a lot of courses that are offered but not all are accredited with the authority.

Those courses that are not accredited with the authority will not be recognised and will prevent you from getting your SIA license. There are different levels of license which license you need will largely depend on the activities that will be commenced while performing your duties.


There are six different categories which require formal training and certification to be licensed in that field:

  • Cash and Valuable in Transit
  • Close Protection
  • Door Supervisors
  • Public Space Surveillance
  • Security Guards
  • Vehicle Immobilisers


Each of the license fields above require specific training certification. The SIA requires that competency testing is completed in the course specific area to insure a high standard across the work field.


Other Benefits of Taking SIA Training

Of course the goal of the SIA training is to get your license and begin working but there are other benefits to take the SIA courses. As a private security professional you may encounter many different types of situations being prepared for those situations without the proper training can almost be impossible.

The training is geared toward helping you be prepared for any situation that you make encounter as  a private security professional. Private security professionals are faced with unique situations everyday as part of their job that the general public is not aware of. Training prepares you to deal with those situations.


Keeping people and property safe can be a challenging job!


The proper SIA training will help you get your license but it will also prepare you to be a top notch private security professional and meet the challenges every day!