CCNSG (Client contractor national safety group)

CCNSG Safety Passport course health and safety course


CCNSG (Client Contractor National Safety Group)

As a contractor, you are often responsible for the safety, environmental awareness, and health of an entire crew and area.  The CCNSG (Client contractor national safety group) is nationally accredited, and is designed to provide all on site employees with the certification that is required by many companies to ensure the safety of their sites and workers.

Our training and CCNSG Safety Passport will ensure that your company complies with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive, and will also provide the added benefits of fewer accidents.  This will reduce the costs associated with these incidents, as well as decreasing the number of health and safety inductions against your company.  This also ensures that your workers will be allowed on all sites and premises, as most organisations require it before gaining access.

Upon completion of our course and receiving our CCNSG card, employees will be properly trained.  In order to complete the course, employees will be required to:

  • Explain all Health and Safety permits and laws that are required to work
  • Outline the safety practices involved in using scaffolding
  • Outline all safety practices required for entering and exiting sites
  • Explain the procedures that must be followed for all accidents and first aid procedures
  • Explain all fire safety precautions and procedures
  • Define all personal protective equipment and COSHH
  • Explain Manual Handling theories
  • Explain the procedures and practices for noise
  • Define all regulations concerning working with heavy equipment and cranes
  • Explain all procedures and practices for excavations

Each CCNSG Safety Passport course is a two day course.  Attendees will need to score at least 80% on the multiple choice assessments for each module.  Once students have successfully completed the course, they will be given a temporary passport to acknowledge that they have completed the requirements.  They will use this temporary passport until they receive the ECITB issued CCNSG Safety Passport, which will usually be sent to their homes within 3 weeks.

In order to take the course, attendees must be sure to bring their National Insurance Number and photo identification.  They will also need to be able to understand both written and verbal English in order to successfully complete their accreditation.

The CCNSG Safety Passport course health and safety course by ECITB is required for all construction and engineering industry employees, as well as sub-contractor employees that work in the maintenance and installation sectors.  Successful completion of this course will ensure that your employees have the knowledge and understanding needed for them to work on site in a safe manner.  The CCNSG card allows your workers to meet the accreditation requirements, but also ensures that they understand all safety practices that will ensure the safety of other workers, themselves, and the site you are working on.  There will be a decrease in the number of accidents, which results in lower costs, and an increased awareness of your organisation’s commitment to providing a safe working environment.